Below are a selection of frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not answered below feel free to contact World Options main office on 0330 335 8100

  • Why do I need World Options? Can’t I get the same great rates and service by going directly through the courier?

    World Options combines the annual volume of all World Options customers so we can offer you discounts typically reserved for much larger volume shippers. World Options offers a full range of shipping solutions, including overnight, ground, international, air freight and ocean freight so you can have the convenience of one carrier for all your shipping needs. You receive one invoice from one company, even if you use multiple carriers. Plus, you get the kind of attentive and personalised service that can only come from a local company.

  • My shipping needs vary drastically from month to month, or even day to day. How can World Options help me?

    My shipping needs vary drastically from month to month, or even day to day. How can World Options help me?

    Most small and medium-size companies have variations in their shipping volume each month. That’s why World Options is the perfect choice. There’s no need to staff up or invest in what may be a temporary need or situation. World Options is always available and offers the same great rates and services. You’ll get the same service when you ship one package per day as you do when you ship 100. It’s our commitment to you. In addition, our online shipping tools help you manage your shipments giving you the flexibility and control you need no matter how often you ship.

  • How do I know I won’t get lost in the midst of larger accounts?

    World Options is committed to providing small and medium-size businesses (SME’S) with superior shipping solutions and service. Every company has its own Key Account Manager assigned to help with all of its needs. So even if you happen to be on the small side of the businesses we serve, you’ll still get personalised service from a consultant who will work hard to earn your trust.

  • How does the Key Account Manager work for me?

    Your Key Account Manager is your own personal troubleshooter and quality control expert. In short, they make sure that you get exactly what you need. And, if anything ever goes wrong, just one call to your shipping consultant will take care of the problem. No more dealing with bureaucracy, frustrating automated customer service numbers or limited business hours. Your consultant is a real, live person with a passion for helping you.

  • How involved is my World Options team?

    As involved as you’d like. Some customers want to manage their shipments mostly on their own, with only occasional support from the World Options team of shipping experts. Other customers are more comfortable with a hands-on consultant and utilise them regularly. It’s really up to you.

  • What happens if there’s a problem with my shipping? Who do I contact?

    Just contact World Options for all of your shipping needs and questions. Our customer service personnel only handle a small group of customers, so more in-depth and personal service is available from the local office. And, because of our relationships with the carriers, we can often call them directly and work out a solution more quickly than you could by calling the carrier’s 0800 number. There is no need for you to spend valuable time and energy trying to track down the source of the problem, or negotiate potential solutions. World Options will take care of it for you.

  • How can I be sure I’m getting the best rates and service?

    With 1000’s of customers across the country, World Options has the volume and leverage to negotiate substantial discounts for all of our customers. We provide our customers significant savings over what they would pay on their own. Contact your World Options team, and they can give you an itemised breakdown of what World Options is saving you. In addition to providing you with lower rates, World Options also gives you many automation tools to help you manage your business. Our online Shipping Portal can immediately compare all of your options; including pricing and timing, letting you select the one that’s best for you. That’s one more assurance that your company is benefiting from the best possible rates and options.

  • I’ve never heard of World Options. How do I know I can trust them with my shipments?

    Since 2004 we’ve earned the trust of thousands customers. We’re confident we can earn yours as well. But if you’re still not sure, see our Company Page to learn more.

  • Does World Options have any vans and drivers to make deliveries?

    Does World Options have any vans and drivers to make deliveries?

    We do not have vans and drivers — our carrier partners do all of the pick-ups and deliveries. We are the liaison between the carriers and our customers, making sure all of the pick-ups and deliveries are satisfactory.

  • How do I get started?

    If you haven’t already done so, contact your Key Account Manager via the World Options Registration form today to get set up. We’ll provide an account number, supplies and access to shipping tools, so you’ll be ready to start shipping and saving immediately. If you’ve already received your account number and supplies, you can begin shipping immediately.

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