Needing an Express Import Service to get products or documents back to you pronto? We have the perfect service! World Options partner with the world’s premium carriers and have negotiated the best possible imports rates so you don’t have to.


Our Express Import Service offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to speed up your business without paying the premium price for that service.


Whether you’re importing samples, contracts or stock, World Options Express Imports are the perfect solution.


    Fedex Import Parcel Collection By Air


    An express, time definite, customs cleared, door to door service for your worldwide, packages up to 68kg per unit. Coverage: 210 countries worldwide-North/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.




    - 2 day delivery from key Asian locations back to your location


    - 2-4 day delivery to all other Fedex Destinations.


    What Can You Send:


    - As much or as little as you like.


    - Documents and Packages up to 68kg per package.


    - Up to 999 separate packages (each up to 68kg) on the same airway bill and up to 10 different commodities.


    What Size:


    Packages can be up to 274cm in width and 330cm in length and girth combined (girth= 2 x height+ 2 x width).



    Dimensional Weight: Length x Height x Width /6000





    - Maximum declared Value $50,000 (restrictions per country)


    - $100 max declared value on Fedex Envelope/Pak.


    - Declared value for carriage must not exceed declared value for customs.



    Additional charges:


    Extended Area Surcharge: £0.25 kg or minimum of £13.00.


    Saturday Delivery: £11.00 per shipment.


    Address Corrections:  £5.50 per shipment.


    Dangerous Goods: Accessible £0.61 per kg minimum charge £45.00. Inaccessible £0.41 per kg minimum charge of £30.00.


    Accessible Dangerous Goods (ADG):  Those which must be loaded in such a way that the crew have access to them in flight, these will be loaded in the first maindeck positions, and space must be given up on each pallet to allow this access.


    Inaccessible Dangerous Goods (IDG):  Those that may be loaded in other appropriate areas of the aircraft, including rear maindeck and lower deck positions to which the crew have no access during flight, and where none is needed.


    IDG classes are:


    2.2 Non-Flammable gas with no “Danger” (Cargo aircraft only) Label


    6.1 Toxics


    6.2 Infectious Materials


    7 Radioactives


    9 Miscellaneous


    All other classes, including 2.2 Non flammable gas WITH danger labels, have to be loaded in accessible positions and are therefore ACCESSIBLE (ADG).


  • DHL

    DHL Import Parcel Collection By Air


    DHL Import Express Worldwide provides the ability to import goods from worldwide destinations , e.g. China to UK.




    How to calculate dimensional weight : Length x Height x Width / 5000




    What Size: Packages can be up to 270cm in width and 330cm in length and girth combined. (girth= 2 x height + 2 x width).


    Optional Services: DHL can arrange comprehensive insurance cover for your consignment for 1.5% of the value of the goods, subject to a £9.00 minimum charge.


    Saturday Collection: Collections of this service are postcode specific please call our customer service team. Fee is £25.00.



    Saturday Delivery: Deliveries of this service are postcode specific please call our customer service team. Fee is £25.00



    Dry Ice: DHL can carrier dry ice shipments. Fee £25.00.



Global reach to 200+ countries


Choose the speed you need


Always meet your deadline


Total cost control


Flexible delivery options


Utilise the world's fastest networks

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